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Leaders Made Here – Mark Miller


Originally published on GreatLeadersServe.com Who Helps You Make Important Decisions? For thousands of years, wise leaders have assembled people around them to help them make good decisions. This practice can easily be found throughout the pages of history, but it also persists today – among the best leaders. Sometimes those serving in this capacity are […]

Accelerating Expertise

Accelerating Expertise

I was talking to my brother recently about his job. He works as a purchasing agent for a home builder, and he was hoping for a promotion. I asked him about the person who is in the position he wants. “What does he have that you don’t have?” I asked. My brother replied, “Experience. He’s […]

Who Does Your Office Describe?


I recently had the opportunity to serve as a principal for a day at a neighboring intermediate school. I am currently the assistant principal of a middle school in the same district, but for one day, I was asked to substitute for the administration of another school. Their admin team was on a leadership retreat […]

How Every Student Will Participate in the Promotion Ceremony This Year

How Every Student Will Participate in the Promotion Ceremony This Year

I sat across from Mrs. Hernandez as she pulled out another tissue from the Kleenex box on my desk. She was crying. I had just notified her that her son, Manuel, would not be participating in the promotion ceremony we have every year for the eighth grade class. Manuel had earned below a 1.5 cumulative […]