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Who Does Your Office Describe?


I recently had the opportunity to serve as a principal for a day at a neighboring intermediate school. I am currently the assistant principal of a middle school in the same district, but for one day, I was asked to substitute for the administration of another school. Their admin team was on a leadership retreat […]

Why School Administrators Should be Millionaires

Why School Administrators Should be Millionaires

This is by far the most important post I’ve ever written. I have read a lot of leadership books in the last 6 months. They have all been inspiring. I have a list of some the books I’ve read on my resource page. Most of the books have been about leaders in business. They are […]

7 Steps to Avoid Staff Demoralization

7 Steps to Avoid Staff Demoralization

“Sanctioned Incompetence Demoralizes.” – John Maxwell I read this recently, and it caused me to think about my role as a school administrator. Again, as you know, I’m learning as much as I can as I journey toward school administration mastery, and the more I learn, the more it seems that my destination gets further […]

Start a Movement at Your School – Preach Your Vision


I just finished reading Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, and although much of it has to do with how to effectively lead a business, I have found so many great lessons for school administrators. Again, as you know, I’m on my journey toward School Administration Mastery, […]