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How to Keep Your Teachers from Burning Out


Do you have a teacher on your staff that would fall under the category of “Burned out?” I am reading Adam Grant’s amazing book, Give and Take, for the second time, and the topic of teacher burnout made me write this post. As a school administrator, I meet with teachers all the time who are […]

The Primary Role of the Principal


In a few days, I’ll be interviewing for a position as Principal in my district. It’s a pretty big step for me, and I’m excited about the possibilities. I’m beginning to consider the possible questions that I’ll be asked, and one question in particular comes to mind – at least it’s a question that I […]

Accelerating Expertise

Accelerating Expertise

I was talking to my brother recently about his job. He works as a purchasing agent for a home builder, and he was hoping for a promotion. I asked him about the person who is in the position he wants. “What does he have that you don’t have?” I asked. My brother replied, “Experience. He’s […]

How Every Student Will Participate in the Promotion Ceremony This Year

How Every Student Will Participate in the Promotion Ceremony This Year

I sat across from Mrs. Hernandez as she pulled out another tissue from the Kleenex box on my desk. She was crying. I had just notified her that her son, Manuel, would not be participating in the promotion ceremony we have every year for the eighth grade class. Manuel had earned below a 1.5 cumulative […]