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Essential Communication – A Great Resource for Leaders

As I journey toward School Administration Mastery, I am always looking to improve my leadership skills.

I spend a lot of time on the road, and I try and use that time to either listen to an audiobook or podcasts on my iPhone.

Recently, I conducted a search for podcasts on leadership, and I found an amazing resource that I had to share here on this blog.

It’s called “The Look and Sound of Leadership.”

Although the podcast is designed to coach leaders in the corporate world, I have found so many tips and strategies that can be used by school administrators.

The host, Tom Henschel, is a leadership coach who shares his experiences and expertise on the EssentialComm.com  website, and in his podcasts. He offers practical strategies on how to be an effective leader.

I have downloaded several of his podcasts, and have already found great advice that can be used to make me a more effective school administrator.

Some of the topics that he discusses are:

Building Rapport

Resolving Conflict

Performance Reviews

Leading Teams

Leading Change


I have found great value in each of the podcasts that I have listened to, and I find myself looking forward to driving to work, just so I can plug in my iPhone and listen to another lesson from a professional leadership coach.

Although it may appear like this is a paid commercial for Mr. Henschel’s company, it is not. I am not getting a penny for this testimonial.  I just wanted to share this great resource with other school administrators who would like to polish their leadership skills.

You can find the Essential Communication website at www.EssentialComm.com.

You can find his podcasts by typing in “The Look and Sound of Leadership” in the iTunes search box.

I am confident that you will find value in the successful leadership strategies that Mr. Henschel offers.

I am.

Until next time,






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