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5 Questions to Create a Compelling Purpose for Change – Guest Post By Emily Axelrod

Originally published on Switch & Shift   “We need to cut 30 million dollars from operating expenses.” What is your reaction to this purpose statement? Do you want to join the effort or sit on the sidelines?   If your change process lacks purpose, you are lost. You won’t know where you are going and you […]

Communicating Your Purpose – A Lesson Learned


Hello amazing school administrators, I wanted to share with you something that I learned recently that I think will be helpful. We decided to put on this evening event at our school to raise money for our PTSA. We planned for weeks. Our PTSA, administration and our teachers spent hours preparing, promoting and getting ready […]

It’s All About Morale – How to Create a Positive School Culture – Part-5 – Teacher Appreciation I...


Hello amazing school administrators. This is the fifth installment in the series of posts that I am calling, It’s All About Morale. The previous posts can be found here. In the last post, I shared about how our school is using Kudos cards to allow the staff to recognize and show appreciation to each other. […]

Guest Post – Fight the Fear of Failure in These 8 Ways -Scott Mautz


Hello amazing school administrators, Here’s a guest post that I am so happy to be able to share. I have been reading Scott’s book for a few days now, and it is so good. I would encourage you to take a look and see if this can’t help you be a more effective leader.   […]


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